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Our mission is to support you while you grow your business or non-profit organization.

We provide website solutions so you can make a lasting impact on our community, our families and local deserving individuals.  We will build, manage or help you improve your website.


To Begin...

We would like to build your website, and together discover your future business potential with a team approach.  In order to fully comprehend something as important as your company‚Äôs website, we must first discover what makes your company unique. We begin by discussing your core values, your goals, your motivations, and use that to create a project plan that accurately reflects your business.

Getting to know you.

What is your story?  How did you become a business owner?  What motivated you to start a non-profit organization?  What are your values?  What is the culture of your business?  Do you have a logo or business colors?  Do you have clients that would be willing to support you by giving a testimonial of their experience with your organization? Tell us your story and we'll create a video to place on your website.

Why custom website design?

Your clients want to know that they will receive top quality service from you and are unlikely to approach your company if your website appears generic.  When you need to make changes or to update your site,  those changes should happen in a timely manner. We work with our clients to create a website that compliments and enhances the vision of their organization and one that stays current.

Where are we located?


We service Sarasota County, Florida and the surrounding areas.  It is important to us that you have someone local to talk to when your questions are urgent, or when you want to add new material or make changes to your website. Maybe you need to add photographs or a video to your site.  We can set that up for you right away.

Your vision our guidance and execution.


Visual and spatial cues include everything from color, shape and feel to layout and font and help tell a story which emotionally connects people to a brand. iLund Design specializes in creating a unique look and feel for your site through logo design, typeface, color palette and more. We want to bring your brand to life.

Step Up... Shop Local


We encourage you to explore your community's small businesses and support your local non-profit organizations.  We are proud to support local individuals seriously considering working in the field of web design and development and encourage them to apply for an internship or to become part of our team.

ilund  design

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